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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Don’t Fowl Out: The Problematic Trend of Los Lunas Tenants Keeping Chickens

Happy Family Playing with a Chicken in the Yard of their Los Lunas Rental HomeAccording to the US Department of Agriculture, nearly 13 million Americans own or plan to own chickens in the next 5 years. While those with bigger plots of land are more likely to own chickens than those residing in urban or suburban locations, the fad of city residents keeping chickens is on the upswing. As a result, Los Lunas rental homeowners may experience an increase in the number of requests from residents wanting to keep chickens on their properties. But prior to giving them your answer, it’s imperative to understand why chickens are so desired right now and the growing trouble that having poultry in an urban surrounding may convey.

As rural homeowners can demonstrate, there are actual perks to raising chickens on a property. Chickens eat bugs, which importantly depletes the number of insects within a home. They also provide fresh eggs and will abundantly fertilize lawns and other green spaces.

On the contrary, chickens are known for creating chaos, leaving their droppings all over the area. They love to roost on patio furniture, leaving a hard-to-clean mess behind. Chickens can also smell awful, bringing in annoying smells that neighbors may be disgusted by. Those fresh eggs they lay are not only lovely to humans, but to snakes, skunks, raccoons, and other pesky critters.

A few other drawbacks to keeping chickens include noise concerns and potential damage to exterior features made of wood. Chickens can be pretty boisterous, and not just the roosters. Hens make an assortment of noise at all hours, which neighbors may find maddening. Chickens also have the propensity to peck at wood, which can bring serious problems sooner or later.

Given the predicaments that come with raising chickens, the headaches certainly eclipse any perceivable privileges. For Los Lunas property owners, this means that the conclusion to ban chickens may be an easy one. A bigger challenge, however, is making sure that residents do not bring unauthorized animals onto the property and local statutes that may prohibit keeping “farm animals” within city limits.

Real Property Management Albuquerque regulates periodic property evaluations, scanning for resident observance with animal rules as well as the property’s situation. We make it our career to preserve the status of your rental homes and negotiate resident communications in your favor. To know more about what we have to extend, please contact us online or by phone at 505-831-8700 today!

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