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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Full-Service Property Management Fees

Tired of the headaches that come with managing your rental property? We’ve got it handled. Choose one of our Management Plans to help you deal with tenants, coordinate maintenance and minimize risks. The marketing & leasing fee for all Monthly Management Plans is 60% of first month’s rent. The property management prices below are a percentage of the monthly rent collected.  If all you want is a qualified tenant and you manage the property, our Lease Only plan is the solution. We will advertise, show your property, thoroughly screen applicants, and execute the lease. Leasing prices are based on the percentage of annual rent.


5.9%of Annual Rent

Marketing & Advertising

Property Showings

6 Point Tenant Screening

Lease Preparation


9.9%of Monthly Rent

Online Access

Rent Collection

Maintenance Coordination

24/7 Emergency Response

Basic Monthly Statement

Tenant Placement Guarantee

Bill Pay & Monthly Income Statements

Eviction Protection Plan


Additional Services

To minimize your risks and give you peace of mind, we also offer the following guarantees and services:

Tenant Replacement Guarantee

We don’t want you to experience the stress of having a tenant walk away—leaving you with an empty property, no rent to pay the mortgage, and the expense of finding a new tenant. So if we place a tenant with you and that tenant vacates your property before the lease expires, we will find you a new qualified tenant for free. (Included in the Premium Plan)

Eviction Protection Plan

We understand the challenges that come with evicting a tenant. With the Risk Free Eviction Guarantee, we will pay the legal fees and court costs (typically $800 to $1,000) in connection with an Uncontested Unlawful Detainer Action for all tenants we place in your property. (Included in the Premium Plan)

Periodic Maintenance Inspections

We stand behind our commitment to relieving your hassles and make sure your property is maintained properly, that’s why we perform periodic maintenance inspections. We inspect the property both inside and out to ensure tenant compliance and assess property condition. ($130 per Inspection)