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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Three Costly Mistakes Los Lunas Property Investors Make with Exteriors

Los Lunas Home Exterior View at DuskA rental property’s exterior appearance is a sizable part of its universal appeal. Consequently, choosing the perfect options to decorate the external aspect of your rental property in Los Lunas is just as pertinent as what goes on internally. With all the things in a rental home that need to be remodeled and reconstructed, there are three items that could cause overpriced building mistakes. Not instructing tenants about flood resources and purchasing flood insurance, spending too much on landscaping, and failing to perform erosion prevention tasks are all costly mistakes that property owners can easily avoid with the right property management plan.

1.      Lack of Communication Regarding Flooding

Favorably, the most dreadful mistake a property holder can do is not informing tenants about flood resources and purchasing flood insurance for their rental property. Floods can happen anywhere in the country, even in dry climates. Storms, broken pipes, and other events can trigger severe home water damage. Aiding tenants by helping them know what to do in the event of a flood is an invaluable means in avoiding such a harmful risk.

There are tremendous resources online and in your local community that should be shared with all of your occupants. One more fundamental thing that property owners can have to prevent damaging and costly mistakes is to acquire flood insurance. Most landlord insurance policies do not include coverage for flood damage; flood insurance must typically be purchased separately.

2.      Spending Too Much on Landscaping

An exquisite landscape is a good way to draw quality tenants to a rental home. But spending excessively on elaborate landscaping can have bad effect on both a rental home’s value and ability to draw in prospective tenants. Some property owners mistakenly believe that when it comes to landscaping, more is always better. But countless tenants don’t want to take on a large amount of labor required in maintaining an elaborately landscaped yard. In the case of rental homes, simple and attractive is far better than a showcase garden.

3.      Failure to Employ Erosion Prevention Tactics

Accomplishing routine checks for signs of erosion around a rental property’s exterior for large cracks and gullies in the soil, wet spots that never seem to dry, and dying plants or brown spots can all be signs that erosion is causing damage to a rental property’s yard. In the considerable time that the erosion goes unchecked, the bigger the loss will be to rectify. With some proactive landscaping, such as gravel, landscape timbers, and properly installed gutters and downspouts, a rental property landlord can be more capable in brushing off extravagant repairs and keep their Los Lunas rental home in a good standing year after year.

One of the top ways that property owners have against disastrous mistakes is knowledge and prevention. When you take on a professional property management company, you have a team of industry experts on your side guaranteeing that proactive property maintenance and cost-effective exterior improvements are taking place on a regular basis. Real Property Management Albuquerque has the management plan you need to keep your property values high and your rental household successful. For more information, contact us online or call 505-831-8700 to speak with someone in the office.

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