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How to Pick a Good Roommate

Happy Rio Rancho Roommates Moving Into a New HomeFinding a good roommate can appear like a huge challenge. After all, how can you know whether you will get along well with someone after meeting them only once? Furthermore, you can do things to enhance your likelihood of finding a roommate you will want to share a Rio Rancho rental house with. While there are important traits that you can look for in any potential roommate, the most important aspect is whether you will get along well. To find that person, try applying one or more of the following approaches.

Advertise Selectively

Where and how much you advertise should indicate the kind of roommate that you want. It is generally true that people who share things in common tend to get along better. This includes sharing a particular life stage or situation. For example, if you are a college student or a young professional, you may find that communicating with someone else going to school or starting a career is a good fit. On the other hand, a mid-career professional or retiree may get along much better with someone in a similar life stage. Concentrate your advertising on venues that will reach the people you’d like to have as roommates.

Ask Good Questions

Before you accept any application, screen anyone who responds to your ad in that initial phone call. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Describe your rental situation and your ideal tenant, and introduce yourself. Then ask questions. It’s a great idea to have a list of questions prepared, in case you get apprehensive. You’ll want to ask about the caller’s source of income, major expenses, whether they smoke, if they own pets, what their work schedule is like, and if they are dating anyone. That last question may seem a bit personal, but you will want to know whether or not a significant other might be spending the night at your place. Once you’ve asked your inquiries, be sure to give them an opportunity to ask questions of their own.

Check All References

If you’ve made it past the screening phone call, it’s time to gather information about your potential roommate’s past rental experience – including references. Employers, former landlords, and friends can all give you a clear picture of who the applicant is and how they relate to others. Be sure to contact each reference and ask good questions about the applicant. It’s also important to have a background check completed for all prospective roommates. You don’t want to be shocked by your roommate’s criminal record after they’ve moved in.

Don’t Rent to Friends and Family

It may look like a safe approach to extend your home to a friend or family member, but living with someone you already know isn’t always a good plan. While some people can make it work, there are many potential problems with signing a friend or family member on as a roommate. You may discover things about the person you don’t like, which could create resentment and even damage your relationship. It’s also much harder to enforce a lease agreement with someone you care about, especially if subtle reminders to wash their dishes or clean up their messes aren’t working. What is more, if a friend or a family member falls behind on their rent, you’ll be in a very difficult situation. Whether you try to get them to pay or you ask them to leave, the chances are great that your relationship will never be the same – even if they seem to be understanding at the moment.

While it may take some effort, it is worth it when you find a great roommate. After all, you’ll probably spend a lot of time sharing the same space, so it’s significant to pick someone that will make doing so as pleasant as likely.

Whether you are a tenant or owner, Real Property Management Albuquerque takes the stress out of the roommate hunt. Our Rio Rancho property managers incorporate a rigorous screening process to ensure quality tenants. For more information, contact us online or call us at 505-831-8700.

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