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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding for Your Albuquerque Rental Property

Albuquerque Rental Property with Vinyl SidingVinyl siding is one of the most sought after siding materials for residential properties. But is vinyl siding a good choice for your Albuquerque single-family rental property? Basing it from a financial perspective, there are pros and cons to choosing vinyl siding. By taking a closer look at the cost benefits plus the drawbacks, you can better assess the opportunities that would immensely benefit your rental home.

The prime reason why vinyl siding is such a prevalent choice for home exteriors is its affordability. When compared with other kinds of materials, vinyl siding is one of the least expensive to acquire. It is also fairly easy to install, which can exceedingly taper those expenses as well. Regarding budget-friendly opportunities, vinyl is the explicit number one for rental home exteriors.

Other upsides of vinyl siding involve its long-lasting durability. Vinyl siding comes in numerous different styles and colors, all of which are waterproof and fade resistant. That means that once you have the siding installed, it should last for countless years before it shows any impairment. Vinyl siding is simple to clean with a pressure washer and does not retain or absorb moisture. So for Albuquerque rental properties in humid climates, vinyl siding could be the low-cost option that you need to keep your rental home’s curb appeal lucrative.

But for all that, there are unusual drawbacks to vinyl siding. Feasibly, one of the dominant reasons you might not want to install vinyl siding on a rental house is because while it is durable, it can be easily dented and scratched. If you have trees or shrubs around your rental property’s exterior walls, those branches could produce permanent damage to the vinyl siding. Tenants are not regularly the best at keeping plants neatly trimmed, and so the probability of overgrown trees must be considered before electing to install vinyl siding.

Another urgent analysis is whether and how vinyl siding figures into your tax figures. According to the IRS, vinyl siding is an improvement, not a repair. This connotes that you will need to depreciate the cost of the siding over several years, rather than being able to deduct the entire expense in the year of purchase. Although vinyl siding is an affordable option, it is not economic and will entail a large investment of cash to achieve. Apprehending how much of the cost you can uphold as a multi-year tax deduction can help you better improve provided that vinyl siding is right for your rental properties.

Fundamentally, it’s all up to you to figure out whether vinyl siding is the best option for your rental homes. Once you do, then the real work of getting quality vendor starts. All of this searching and analysis can take up a reasonable amount of time, time that you could be using on more beneficial investing actions.

By contrast, presume the merits of appointing Real Property Management Albuquerque. We can help you decide which exterior siding options work best for your Albuquerque rental properties as well as recommend quality vendors with notable stats, specialists who will carry out the job precisely and at a rational rate. To know more about what we have to provide, contact us or call 505-831-8700 today!

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